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Marfur listens, interprets and produces.
We incorporate our passion and enthusiasm into the initial idea provided by the client, shaping it with precision and imagination.
With each sketch, the stylist imagines the end result, and the only way to ensure the best result possible is to place it in the hands of craftsmen who share the same passion.

Marfur’s dependable, impassioned approach to fashion requires precision, accuracy and creativity.
Our clients can rely on our confidentiality, enthusiasm and rapidity: because we love what we do so much, we want to see it done as quickly and aptly as possible.
Here at Marfur, we invest due attention in every seam and every combination.

Right from day one, the founders of this fine Italian firm have demonstrated an impressive grasp of an important concept: every garment a stylist imagines is a concentrate of their enthusiasm for fashion, and there is nothing more satisfying for them than to see their creation worn exactly as they imagined it even before they committed their idea to paper

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